March 30

100 Word Challenge Week 27

Here is the link to this week’s 100 Word Challenge! There are two prompts this week, you only have to chose 1. Take your time look over both prompts and pick the one that is of the most interest to you.  Remember to construct your post on YOUR blog and submit it for review. Happy Blogging!

Week 27

March 25

Update on School!

I am sure that many of you have heard that we will not get to come back to school on Monday, March 30th but instead our unexpected break is being extended until April 27th. I understand that this is an uncertain time and that none of us have been in this position before. I would like to encourage you to take this time, read something…really anything! I am currently reading Batman, Arkham Knight: The Riddler’s Gambit.

I encourage you to blog about your daily activities and leave comments on other students’ blogs to let them know that we haven’t forgotten about them. Many of you have reached out to me and it makes me smile to know that you are ok and still working hard. If you have any questions about any of the work that will be coming your way or if you just need to say “hi” you can always leave me a comment here, on Google Classroom, or ClassDojo. Stay safe and try to have some fun too! Happy Blogging!

March 23

Student Blogging Challenge Week 1 Halfway Point

Hopefully you guys have gotten started on Week 1 Challenges by updating your avatar or adding to your “About Me” pages. Don’t forget to submit your work once it’s been approved to the Student Blogging Challenge! There is a Google form at the bottom of the page that you should complete and hit submit! Happy Blogging!

March 17

100 Word Challenge Week 25!

I’ve had a few ask if the 100 Word Challenge was option during school closures. Here is the latest prompt from!

We have five words this week. They look rather strange to go together but that is the challenge. They should all be in your writing but can be in any order. They are:

Banana   Black   Heavy   Jumped   Damaged

As always Happy Blogging!

March 16

Student Blogging Challenge 2020!

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you are all staying safe on this, the first day of our surprise spring break. While you are home I thought it would be a great opportunity to grow our student blogs and more importantly grow those flag counters! This is by no means required but a good way to not fall out of practice and collect some flags from around the world! Find the link to week 1 attached. Remember to scroll down to find the challenges and complete at least one of the tasks and submit it to increase your chances of getting more flags. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity, I know my son and I will be! Happy Blogging!

Week 1: Let’s Get To Know Each Other

March 6

100 Word Challenge Week 23 By Dale Knight

Mrs. Harris was taking a math test in Ms. Balog’s room. She thought she was going to do great. As she started to answer the problems she took no notice of the signs in the problems! She subtracted when she should have added! She divided when she should have multiplied! Everything was going wrong for Mrs. Harris and she did not know what to do to fix it. Just when she was about to scream and flip her desk, her alarm went off. She woke up sweating, it was all a dream. She was relieved and aced her real test.