February 22

Great Work!

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” I have always loved this quote and a lot of you guys put in the effort into your projects that you shared today. Thank you for sharing your work, not only with me but with other kiddos around the world. Remember that our work is not trapped in side the four walls of our classroom or even the building. Keep up the excellent work and I am so excited to see what else you create and come up with!!

geralt / Pixabay

February 12

New Blog Day!

Today is the day! A brand new class of students are gong to start to make global connections with their work! The world is not nearly as large as it was when I was in school. How cool is it that with a few key strokes and the push of a button, our work goes from being confined on our computers in the four walls of our classroom to being available for the whole world to see. Let’s see how many new people we can reach and inspire with our work! Happy Blogging!

February 5

New Blogs!!!

I cannot wait unit Friday, February 12th! My new position has taken me out of my own classroom but allows me to work with all different grade levels and amazing teachers. Next week one of those amazing teachers is taking the leap into blogging using this site! The blogs are set and ready to filled with amazing work and demonstrations of understanding. It would be awesome if some of you folks could pop into some of their blogs and leave them an encouraging message BEFORE they even get started! I love this part of education and watching kiddos take on something new and finding ways to teach me something new about a platform or piece of tech that I have used for years. This is the start of an awesome journey for these guys and I am so thankful that I get to be a part of it! Until next time…Happy Blogging!