February 14

101 Days down!

Fifth grade is more than half way over! I cannot believe all the work that we have done and still have to do. Remember when you post on your blog you are posting for the world to see. We have had visitors from 51 different countries this year! Make sure you put your best effort into everything that you post and that you meet our expectations. Don’t forget to include your stars, wishes and wonders when you are commenting on other blogs. As we move toward the end of the year and the end of your time in elementary school make sure you finish as strong as you started!

November 20

The Girl Who Could Fly ~ Chapter 18

Piper McCleod and the other students at I.N.S.A.N.E. all have different dreams of what they want to do when they get out. With our Thanksgiving break a mere 1 days away. If you had unlimited resources what would be your ideal way to spend the break? Post your response on your blog with the title “My Dream Thanksgiving Break”. Please be sure to pay attention to our blogging guidelines.

October 9

The Girl Who Could Fly ~ Chapter 10

Piper has had a rough time during her first day at The Institute. What is the significance of Piper’s wooden bird? How does it affect her outlook for her remaining her time? Post your response on your blog. Remember to double check our blogging expectations and that you are meeting them.

September 19

True Colors?

Chapter 6 ends with Piper making a promise to not fly anymore to Dr. Hellion. Piper did not want to the promise but Dr. Hellion told Piper that people could get hurt if she continues to fly. What is your perspective of Dr. Hellion, is she really trying to help Piper or does she have something else in mind? Make sure your responses are at lease 5 complete sentences and you support your claim with reasons and text evidence.