September 8

The Girl Who Could Fly Chapter 3

The other children think Piper is “not right in the head” and do not treat her very well. No one gives her a chance to change their perception of her. On your own blog write 3-5 sentences about a time when you changed your mind about something after giving it a chance. It could be a food, a person, or an activity.

September 7

The Girl Who Could Fly

In The Girl Who Could Fly Piper questioned everything in order to gain a deeper understanding. Write on your blog 3-5 sentences about the questions below.

What would you like to understand better this school year? How can you make sure that you meet this goal?

September 1

Last Weekend!

Hey everybody! This is the last weekend before those big yellow buses come rolling back to school. I am so excited about beginning this journey with blogging! Please enjoy the long Labor Day weekend safely and I look forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday! Until next time…Happy Blogging!