September 6

The First Post of the 2018-2019 School Year!

Welcome Back!! We are going to start easy today with adding comments to a post! On this post in the comment section I would like to know:

2 sentences about you! (What are your hobbies? What are you likes or your dislikes?, etc.)

1 academic goal you have for this school year!

1 goal you have blogging this year! (What do you want to get out of this experience?)

1 personal goal you have this school year!

That would be 5 complete sentences!

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17 thoughts on “The First Post of the 2018-2019 School Year!

  1. domhays

    My Goal for blogging is someone visits it all the way from Iceland. One of my hobbies are video games the other one is Doing Math. My acedemic goal this year is to do good in ELA. My personal goal this school year is to learn a different language.

  2. harrijac

    My hobbies are playing video games on my xbox 360. My second hobby is petting animals and being nice to them. My academic goal this year is to learn how to draw better. For my goal on blogging will be to read on the blog and all that other stuff such as talking about my pets, etc. my personal goal this year is to get a laptop for my birthday.

  3. mcnabsky

    Last year i was in the 24 compition.Also I love to dance.My blogging goal is to make different connections around the world.And my personae goal is to make it into the 24 compition angain this year.

  4. smithleg

    My personal goal this year is to be 100% in math.
    That is my blog goals, To contact different people in the world
    My first hobbie is playing baseball
    My favorite food is tacos

  5. mowereli

    My favorite hobbies are playing football. And playing video game 🎮.
    I would like to get better at math.
    To learn more peoples names.
    I would love for people to look at my blogs.

  6. mccawnai

    One thing that I like to do is soccer I don’t play much but it is still my favorite sport. I also like science and math I try to do science experiments at home they don’t come out well. One goal I have at school is too be better at social studies and be a better scientist. I also would like to be able to understand people from my comments that aren’t English. My goal is to be a great scientis. Thank you for reading this I really appreciate it.

  7. fabanjuw

    I like to play sports and my favorite sport is basketball. Also I like to do math better reading I like to multiple it is fun. My academic goal is to try to get fourson every test i did. One goal have for blogging is to get a lot of people from different contryes. One personal goal is that to get better at everything I do.

  8. thomadam

    I like football and i play center defensive end and tackle. I hate cats and I’m allergic to them. A school goal i have for this year is reach level z in reading. One blogging goal i have is get visited by 3 different country’s. One personal goal i have is to get 10 interceptions in football.

  9. siyousha

    My Hobby is to play music. I like to play music. I don’t like looking at a dirty house. My academic goal is to learn what racios are. 1 goal I have blogging this year is to communicate with people around the world. 1 personal goal I have this year is to get myself as ready as possible for middle school.

  10. smithmagd

    I like to play any instruments i have played the violin and i will start to play the trumpet. I do not like to play any sports i am not very athletic. My goal for this school year Is to get A’s and to have a good grad and to know people more. My goal for blogging is that by doing it i will get better at writing and i will start to be more social. My personal goal is to understand and learn about animals because i want to work with animals when i grow up.

  11. samuegab

    I like to swim and get lots of prizes. I do not like we people try to start with me and I was just trying to be nice to them. My blogging goal is to try to talk to different people and maybe see them in person. A goal for this year is to do Better in reading and math. My goal for out of school is to learn more about my teacher so I know what he likes and does not like so i am save this year.

  12. bilgrzaa

    I like to go swimming and playing the piano. I also like riding my hover board.i don’t like reading unless i am reading piano notes to play songs. One academic goal i have is to learn a language.i want people to think of it as notes. One personal goal is to learn the guitar.

  13. bakerjad

    I get a little to excited over nothing. I am happy most of the time . I don’t like when people git me mad. Learning more about my teacher.seeing all the people seeing this on my blog. To see my brother.

  14. mockcha

    My name is Chandler. I’m a student in 5th Grade. I was chosen into MrMcCray’s class for technology related topic’s and assignments. I have some great goals, and great things to share. I’m positive about things most of the time. Here are some things I like: My favorite dinner is Mac and Cheese. I like to help other people around me. I don’t like it when there is drama, and I try to stay away from it. If someone else is involved in drama, i’ll just simply try to get them away from it. I love to bike through the town, on the sidewalks. I sometimes will ask if I can go biking, around when I get home from school. I bike up to the park a lot. One goal that I have to improve in school is to have my math grades improve to 4, as I have ela grades to 4, but my math grades vary between 2. I’m doing okay with math, but improving would be so much better. Also, since i’m new to Edublogs, I have some goals for it. In Edublogs, I hope to show my work to people across the world to make sure I did a decent job, and how I can improve on my work. I also have some personal goals, one of them being is to keep improving with technology, and learning more about it. I want to improve my skills with technology, and knowledge about it. I wan’t to learn how to do every single thing about like building a computer, piece by piece, perfectly. That concludes my introduction for me on Edublogs. I can’t wait to be posting blogs!

  15. myerslil

    My hobby are art and crafts .I like painting and science .I dislike vegetables and math.My goal for this year is to end the goal for blogging is to meet out of school goal is to move back to spring mills and continue painting.

  16. drillhun

    One of my hobbies are playing sports. And i am learning how to cook and take care of a bird his name is Buddy . Get my reading up to my math in grades. I want to learn how to cook todacopsta . In bloging i want 500 people around the world.

  17. jenkiser

    Hello my name is serena i like to play vidoe games,wach anime,eat,swim,play with my pit bull,go on hikes,cook and have fun! I also like to read,writing at school i love dogs,cats birds,bunny’s,horse to and more! I went to get better at math because when i grow up i need to be good at it to get a job i went to be like my dad he is some won who fixes Towers that have electricity that is why! For my blogg i went to learn more about electricity so i can be like my dad and i love electricity to.My personal goal is to be better at running and going up helles to and i hope this year will be fun!


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