10 thoughts on “The Girl Who Could Fly Preview

  1. jenkiser

    I would went the power of darkness because I think darkeness is cool because to me it lookes nice I would use the power for good not for evil.As will because I like evil things and the darkness makes me fell come.I Junet think it is powerful I’m use to darkness so that is why I went the power of darkness.

  2. mockcha

    If I were ever to have a chance to have a super power of my choice, I would first think of a good reason to have the super power. I would choose from multiple super powers, so I have to decide which one to have. I would probably want to fly, or run really quickly, or be able to jump really highly. To decide which one would be the best, I have to first look at there perks and features. I’m going to review the superpower perks of flying. With flying powers, I can access other areas quickly. I can fly to the train station or something within minutes, for but if someone was driving, it would take them like 15 minutes. I wouldn’t have to wait for traffic and all that and get places in emergencys. Now, to review running quickly. If I were to run quickly, then that means I would have to dodge past pedestrians, making it more risky for me to run into them. Someone could be very seriously hurt if I ran into them. Other than that, I can get places quickl,y but not as fast as flying, and which I won’t be able to make it anywhere as quick, and someone may already have been hurt. Now, to compare with jumping really highly. Having jump boost would be really cool, but when your flying you could easily get higher or easily just fly over it. But it does have its perks. If i’m Inside, I won’t be able to fly, or I will run into a wall or something. But I have to make sure I don’t land on somebody. That concludes all of my reasons. So I decided that I should have the super power of flying, because though jump boost has perks, if I use flying I would get there faster. I persuade you to also take my reasons why to have flying as your super power too, over than other ones. In conclusion, flying should be your super power to pick, like I did.

  3. smithmagd

    I want to talk to animals because I have wondered what animals were thinking all the time. I could learn more about animals that I didn’t know from being Abel to talk to animals . I would be able to make the animals attak the bad guys which would be funny to watch. That is why I want my superpower to be able to talk to animals.

  4. myerslil

    I want to be able to teleport, because I wouldn’t have to take the bus ,I could get to places faster,and I could take people with me

  5. samuegab

    My superpower would be to be ivesabul. And the reason i what to have that power is because when i do not what to go somewhere i will just come ivsabul and I would have To go school I would not have to go to sleep i could take my parents mouny and when it would be there birthday i could buy them a gift or it would be parent. Day I could get the a card. I could go to school very early in the morning. I could walk throw Doors and walls.

  6. smithleg

    The power I would want is to control time. I want this power because if there was an issue I could stop time and stop the issue. The second reason is if there was a problem in the past I could reverse time and stop the problem. Lastly I want this power because if there was a issue in the future i could go into the future and stop it. In conclusion that is why I would want this power.

  7. thomadam

    If I was able to pick a super power that I could get it would be super speed because no body would be able to touch me in football and I could do stuff really fast and if I was really fast I would get a lot of trophies.

  8. drillhun

    If i could have any super power it would be super speed .1so i can get to places fast .2so my feet dont hurt as much .3 so im the fast ist in the world .and this is why i want super speed.

  9. siyousha

    If I could have any superpower in the world it would be superspeed because then I won’t have to take the bus to school. And I could do my chores really fast.


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