September 11

The Girl Who Could Fly ~ Chapter 1

In The Girl Who Could Fly Piper questioned everything in order to gain a deeper understanding. Write on your blog 3-5 sentences about the questions below.

What would you like to understand better this school year? How can you make sure that you meet this goal?

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2 thoughts on “The Girl Who Could Fly ~ Chapter 1

  1. scofiabi

    Hi Mr.McCray it’s Abbie! You have a lot of visitors this year. Have you showed your new class my blog? You have a lot of visitors this year, I just looked at mine and I got some new visitors too! I hope I can see you soon! Bye!

    1. mrmccraysclass (Post author)

      Hey Ms. Abbie!!! It is so good to hear from you! I hope your year is going well. We have added quite a few visitors this year, that is so awesome that your work is bringing in new visitors a year after you started it. I most definitely used your blog as an example and I also plan to use the website that you and Lorelai created for the colony of Connecticut as an example for when we start our colony research next week. I hope you continue to keep in touch and continue to be the rockstar that I know you are! Happy Blogging!


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