December 20

100 Word Challenge!!!

We are little behind but I think this prompt will really get us thinking about narratives and word choice! Thank you so much to the team at 100 WC! Start your story in a Google Doc and then copy and paste to the comment section.  As usual if you want to continue the story you are more the welcome to, just make sure you post it to YOUR blog with a catchy title. As usual Enjoy!!!

Remember it has to be part of your story with no changes.The prompt is:

…the tiger was blocking our escape…

Things to consider:

  • Where are you?
  • Who are you with?
  • Why is there a tiger?
  • Why do you need to escape?

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10 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge!!!

  1. scofiabi

    The tiger blocked our entrance! We were trying to go to the zoo but we realized on a sign that it said that there was a tiger on the loose. We found it and there isn’t a phone to tell them and we don’t know their phone number. I’m with my mom and my best friend and it is my birthday so we came here and now we have to figure out a way to get in. First we tried the fence then the tiger blocked it again, we found another entrance and the tiger blocked it!

  2. Tocarra

    The tiger was blocking our escape!!!!!!!!!!
    One stormy night,I was by myself and looking for a place to escape in the col creepy jungle . As I started to find my way out, there was a sound “ ROAR’ AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! The tiger jumped out chasing me and I ran as fast as I could until the tiger jumped and took me down and I was very very hurt. But then I passed out and I couldn’t wake up until the next. At 8: 00 am, i finally got help from my friend lorelai and we both found our way out safley.

  3. tavarsop

    On a cloudy day there was a person that worked at the ZOO her name was Julie. Julie was using a flashlight because it was night time she used it to see if everything was ok. She looked and looked the she heard a noise coming from outside of the gate of the ZOO. There was no one there except for a person all in black. Julie said what is your name person he didn’t answer and then she looked and looked back him and he was gone. Then she went back to work and saw him near the trash can.

  4. beckcam

    Tiger attack

    One day we were going to the zoo in San Diego. I was with my mom Emily, Dad Matt, brother Logan. We are going to stay until 3:00 it is 9:30.So we got there and the first animal we wanted to see is a alligator, it was 10:30. The next animal was a lion and when we saw it we saw a baby lion it was 12:05. Then we went to eat lunch that was at 1:45. Then a hour later we were leaving and the tiger escaped and blocked the exit!!!

  5. balloake

    Once upon of time there were three mummy’s on roller skates and the about 6 minutes later a tiger escaped from the zoo and then all of the mummy’s went to go hide in the store we heard a growl near the meat section the tiger was in the store then ahh the tiger took all the rapping of the mummy then one of the mummy’s went screaming with no rapping then the tiger dinit know that a cucumber was beside him so he jumped on the roof and screamed and then one mummy passed out and I was

  6. Shane

    One day I was at the zoo. I was at the zoo with my 2 of my sisters and my brother. We were with the tigers we did to touch them but we got close to them. One jumped out and pulled us all in. AWWWWWWWW we screamed. The tigers were cornering us we were stuck. We needed to escape. We needed to escape because we would had been eaten alive. They charged at us. One of they chomped. The zookeeper handed me a sword good luck the zookeeper said. We killed the tiger 1,2,3 the tigers feel.

  7. shawbra

    The tiger was blocking our escape from the legendary Atlanta ice cream shop we just stole the awesome poseidon ice sickle .why am I doing this again nooooooooo the tiger pounced it was blinded by the reflection I ran and ran then the police were chasing me why over an ice sickle . Wait why am I doing this over a I tased it was the worst flavor in the entire world it was It was “stra stra strawberry flavored yuck” I hate fruit I hate ice sickles and cold and ice and heat I hate everything why am I alive.

  8. younkeri

    The tiger
    the tiger was blocking our escape. Hi I’m midnight and this is my story… “mom look at this cute tiger in this video, look at the bow that it is waring, so cute. So mom can you give me a tiger for Christmas??” I said. “Sorry honey I cannot, tigers are vary dangerous. Honey can you put on some warm clothes please we have to go to the grocery store.” Mom said.” We went to the grocery store. “ everyone go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” We went by the door. “No” “yes” it was a tiger!!! “Meow” it was a kitten tiger!!! “Yay”

  9. geougnev

    The tiger

    (we are starting out as a dream) The tiger was blocking my escape from it. So I ran in the different direction ( the dream ended). I woke up in a heartbeat , it is morning time . I work for an articled company with my friend Wanda , and We have to go to the zoo. (Just so you know my name is voilet) Me and Wanda aloud to stay there overnight cause my sister owns the zoo. I was driving there and stop to park. We grab all of our stuff like a clipboard , our phones and two pencil. I know where the key is , so I lifted up the rock and unlock the gate. After twenty minutes of trying to find the tiger cage and tripping, we finally found it . The tiger was sleeping peacefully on a tree so I just sat down and started writing . Wanda was studying it and was looking up stuff about tigers. She was calling my sister, “ hello ?” I heard Wanda say to my sister. So I decided to be mean to my friend, so before Wanda could say anything else I started to sing loud , and this is what I said. “HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE, AT LEAST I CAN SEE THAT I’M TRYING.”
    “Oh no, I-I need to go now,” Wanda said quickly. We started laughing. After we got our stuff written down we lift. It was fun .

  10. flowekah

    One day my cousin and I went to the store after coming from the store we sat by my room window. While we were eating our food we saw on tv that there was a tiger that escaped from the zoo. We were looking out the window because it was on our street we waited a while before the tiger finally appeared at our building. The tiger came into our apartment so we tried to get to the fire escape but we couldn’t because the tiger was blocking our escape. We tried to find a way out but we couldn’t.


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