4 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge!!

  1. Amirah

    The person in the mysterious hood is a monster. The monster is watching your every move. Now if you do something wrong it will take you into its hood and you will never come out. Well should you be afraid we’ll that depends did you do something wrong. But when it’s says it will take you I mean it will take your soul, and you will never be the same again. You might be wondering were do these souls go they go to the devil. Where the devil takes over you body and controls you forever and ever. The End

  2. hardetoc

    My person that I chose to name is shelbie. She is a hedius, but she can sometimes be a total smarty pants. She has a black hoddie robe on to where you can’t see her face. Shelbie is 15 years old and she always stands in between to trees. I think you should be scared of her because she looks very scary and honestly she looks like a beat up clown. And that’s just VERY VERY CREEPY. The fun part and climax of shelbie Is she is really nice once you get to her. I say that because she is awesome.

  3. eamesjay

    This is guy is in a secret alliance called “Coon and friends”and he’s spying on the other alliance called “freedom pals”. So Coon and friends are spying so they can find where people need help because there are superheroes.


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