November 1

The Girl Who Could Fly ~ Chapter 11

In this chapter we learn more about Conrad Worthington and how he handles situations. In the comment section of this post compare Piper and Conrad’s personalities. After you compare the two characters explain how they handle situations differently citing text evidence from the book to support your claim.

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12 thoughts on “The Girl Who Could Fly ~ Chapter 11

  1. beckcam

    Piper personality is a happy trait because she is minding her own business and trying to make friends in her new life.

    Conrads personality is angry trait because he is always picking on piper all the time.

    The claim is ”Conrad snatch piper by the chest and the ribbon around her neck broke and Conrad took the carved bird from his father” con rad said” Yor father can’t carve crap.”

  2. Abbie

    Piper is a nice girl and nice to everyone like me but Conrad is a mean boy to people like piper.
    Conrad is mean because he ripped the head of pipers bird and started saying mean things about it.
    Piper is nice because when Bella had to leave she said”I hope you come back and see us!”

  3. Lorelai

    Conrad and piper get along horribly because he grabbed at Piper’s chest. Then he grabbed the ribbon on Piper’s chest and took the bird her dad carved out for her and the Conrad said “Your father can’t carve cr*p. Then piper said “Give it back right now”. Piper just got to her breaking point 😳😧.

  4. hardetoc

    Piper responds to things as happiness . I say that because she minds her own bisnussies and she stays strong no matter what happens. Conrad responds to third as angry. I say that because he wants to grab piper by the chest and the ribbon on her neck and it broke. Those are the character traits I picked for Conrad and Piper.

  5. eamesjay

    I’m going to talk about how Conrad and Piper respond differently in situations. I think Piper responds calmly because in the book Conrad called Piper a chick and a pig and she has her wooden bird from your dad and that’s how she keeps calm. I think Conrad responds badly because when he said something mean to Piper, Piper try’s to say something back but she’s to scared because he makes a mean face and Lean’s over her.

  6. Shane

    Conrad handles stiuition. He handles it diffrently with anger beacuse he probly came from a bad background.
    Piper wants to handle situation nicely. She wants to beacuse her backround is nice and mauter.
    They both want to handle stuff differently. They want to handle stuff diffrently beacuse they both have different backrounds

  7. younkeri

    piper and Conrad have a huge difference, here’s some things for why there different. Conrad has a black heart 🖤, he also is A BIG BULLY, he likes to get people in trouble mostly piper. And piper is nice person, stands up from Conrad, she is a special, and she loves her family. In chapter 11, Conrad broke Piper’s wooden bird and Piper was heart bookend.

  8. lewisass

    In chapter 11 Conrad made piper sad because She has a family and her family loves her and Conrad family do not love him so that’s why he broke her bird 🕊.

  9. Amirah

    Well first in situations Conrad has no limits to what he can do. Even if it means you have to hurt somebody in the process. While Piper on the otherhand has limits and she handles situations By being calm and trying to not be angry and mad. Wich is the total opposite of Conrad. For example in chapter 8/9 he sent a paper airplane that sliced the flower in half ad made her weep, all because he didn’t do right on his test. While Piper on the other hand stayed calm as Conrad kept pushing her buttons. That is just one example about how they handle situations very differently.


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