August 15

About Me

My name is Keith McCray and I was born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Wilson College with a degree in Education and Walden University with a Masters of Science in Education with a dual focus in Mathematics and Reading as well as a second Masters of Science in Educational Leadership. I am a father of two; a son, Keith, and a daughter, Krista, and have been married to my best friend for thirteen years. I have been teaching for 6 years; all of them with Washington County Public Schools. Teaching is my second career, I spent the better part of a decade as a law enforcement officer. Besides teaching, I am passionate about learning, Philadelphia/Carolina sports, traveling, and exercising.  I strive to make learning personal and fun.  The mechanics of writing has always been a struggle for me.  I still struggle with it, but I work hard every day trying to become a better writer.  I do this by practicing my craft day after day.  I hope to inspire my students to be creative with their writing while cultivating a desire to want to write.  Failure is ok but it is not ok to be content with failing. Enjoy our blog site and the stories that my students are creating.  These are all works in progress and we are updating them as quickly as time allows us to.  

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Mrs. Hughes

    Hi, Mr. McCray! Found your class blog on the list of class for the #17stubc. Looks like your class is a lot of fun. I have a 6th grade class in Chula Vista, CA – 20 minutes south of San Diego. Love your teaching philosophy and energy! If your students are interested, we’d love to have them visit us and give some feedback. Would you mind if we included your class blog on our blogroll? We’re trying to get a wide variety of locations as our global connections. Sidenote: my husband’s family is from Harrisburg!

  2. mrmccraysclass (Post author)

    Good Morning Mrs. Hughes! Thank you so much for the kind words! I think that would be awesome if you added us to your blogroll! I love watching my students eyes get big and they get so excited when they start making connections with students from around the country and the globe! I will most definitely direct my kiddos towards your class blog today! This is so exciting not only for the students but for me as well! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. mrsmotley

    Hi Mr. McCray! I was born and raised in Aston, PA. I am a 7th grade English teacher, so I teach a lot of writing as well. I love your philosophy about failure!

    1. mrmccraysclass (Post author)

      What a small world! My dad’s parents lived in Aston for the longest time! Thank you so much for the kind words. Feel free to have your kiddos visit some of students’ blogs and leave comments. I know my kiddos thrive off of comments and being able to visit other people’s blogs to comment on them! Happy Blogging!


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