September 19

True Colors?

Chapter 6 ends with Piper making a promise to not fly anymore to Dr. Hellion. Piper did not want to the promise but Dr. Hellion told Piper that people could get hurt if she continues to fly. What is your perspective of Dr. Hellion, is she really trying to help Piper or does she have something else in mind? Make sure your responses are at lease 5 complete sentences and you support your claim with reasons and text evidence.

September 13

The Girl Who Could Fly ~Chapter 3

The other children think Piper is “not right in the head” and do not treat her very well. No one gives her a chance to change their perception of her. On your own blog write 3-5 sentences about a time when you changed your mind about something after giving it a chance. It could be a food, a person, or an activity.

September 6

The First Post of the 2018-2019 School Year!

Welcome Back!! We are going to start easy today with adding comments to a post! On this post in the comment section I would like to know:

2 sentences about you! (What are your hobbies? What are you likes or your dislikes?, etc.)

1 academic goal you have for this school year!

1 goal you have blogging this year! (What do you want to get out of this experience?)

1 personal goal you have this school year!

That would be 5 complete sentences!

August 31

The Buses are Coming!!

Students start back on September 4th! I cannot wait to start our second year blogging and I was even able to incorporate virtual reality into our classroom this year! It’s going to be so awesome watching these kiddos develop into the educational technology leaders of our school and tackle 21st century learning head-on!

June 20


Today was bittersweet as I released this past year’s blogs. It was my first year integrating technology in a way that was more meaningful and authentic than any other way I have in the past. This first class will always be special and the growth and excitement that they exhibited was amazing! I can’t wait until next year to see where this wonderfully journey will take us!