January 9

100 Word Challenge!!

The first prompt of the year links with new year thoughts but I know that many of our writers will use this for some exciting stories.  It is:

…In the beginning…

Things to consider:

  • What is the setting for this story?
  • What is beginning?
  • What tense will you use?

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3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge!!

  1. balloake

    Hi guys I’m going to be doing the 100 word challenge and going to be writing in first person.

    Once apon of time there was a little Mouse and her name was darla and there was the big bully the snake and her name was slither. She was the meanest of all and she got really annoyed when she herd the mouse because she just wanted to eat her and the mouse let’s just say she wanted slither gone.

    the next morning….

    what a butiful day not for long and the snake chuckled at heart what .

    In a frightening voice bye


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